Single Seagull

Often right now, I head out in the afternoon with Harry to work on my commission and now also an exhibition with all the rejects from these shoots. I love this pic, makes me wish I could fly. The softness of the clouds in the background and the sharpness of the sun catching this lone… Read More

Sunny Skies

Beautiful clear sunny skies this time i went out to sunset at LaPerouse to work on my commission. The colours and silence were so peaceful and beautiful, but not really lending themselves to my cloudy skies brief…

Afternoon Light

Finally some clouds to work with for my commission. Not quite right, but still very beautiful. My fascination with clouds is drawing me to constantly look upward. Below is a shot i took when out at La Perouse. These ever changing beauties are a constant reminder to me of the magic of nature.

Blue Skies All Day

Further more to the study of clouds, the weather here in Sydney has been so beautiful with barely a cloud in the sky for so long, i have found it an interesting study of the perfect graduation of blue throughout the day. In the mornings the blue is pale and as the sun rises it… Read More

New Commission

I have been asked to shoot a commission for a private home by one of my clients. I’m so pleased to do this and would’ve more of this work. It’s funny as i have been studying and photographing clouds recently as a personal project and this is what she has asked for. Above is one… Read More

New Blog – What Harry Saw

After so many years of building up my last blog, it all went to waste when my website collapsed. Not to worry, I guess it must have been time to start again So what’s the purpose of this post and overall my new posts? The ideal is to keep you as the reader to keep… Read More