Photography Exhibitions

In 2018 I decided to start working on exhibitions.

Commercial photography allows me a lovely life where I am always doing my favourite thing, photography.

I follow other people’s briefs, and ensure my framing is perfect to allow for copy and other necessary elements to be laid on top of my images, ensure faces are smiling (or not), cutlery is shiny, shirts are ironed, hair is smooth, and the focus is sharp (or not).

With exhibition photography, I follow my own brief, and although this sounds pretty straight forward, it’s really the opposite!

So I set myself a new challenge. One Exhibition each year.

To break habits, see things differently, and go to different places. Breaking habit changes things around you. Your reactions change, you feel differently and most importantly, see things differently, therefore creating differently.

Last year I embarked on a journey shooting the sky, clouds and the weather. You can see these images and read more about this using the link below.

This year, the other end of the spectrum, when a local restaurant asked me to shoot the suburb where we are, Redfern. It was a slow start with this subject, and I wasn’t shooting anything I liked, this frustrated me and so I let it go, thinking maybe this wasn’t the subject for me, but I was wrong, I found it because I changed my habits and routine. Walked different places at different times and talked to different people, and saw different things.

This exhibition is now in it’s development stages, but you can see and read a little more about it using the link below.

 exhibition pieces here